The Right Team Makes All The Difference

Meet the team that helps you to get more out of your wealth and your life.

Who We Are

An interdisciplinary team with expertise, varied credentials — CFP (certified financial planner), ChFC (chartered financial consultant), and CPA (certified public accountant)— …and a combined 80+ years of experience in the financial industry, dedicated to advising our clients as they consider the financial implications of their most important decisions.

What We Do

Ensure our clients’ individual values, needs, and aspirations are properly reflected in their personal lives by coordinating its various financial elements such as investments, tax planning, risk mitigation, and wealth transfer.

How We Do It

Develop an intimate understanding of our clients’ specific and unique circumstances so we can identify, evaluate, and explain the temporary and permanent impact of their choices, guided only by our primary goal: meeting their objectives and balancing their competing concerns to achieve their best possible outcome, as they define it.


Meet the Team

Ryan Parson

President & CEO | Wealth Strategist | Advanced Planning

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Sam A. Beritela

Wealth Strategist | Investments & Portfolio Analysis

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Mark Lewis

Wealth Strategist | Data Analytics

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The Right Team Makes All The Difference

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